Where can I make a reservation request?

You can make a reservation request:

  • on line on our website arrivaresanvitolocapo.it within 24 hours from possible arrival/departure;
  • by phone at anytime before arrival/departure.

the request must always be confermed by operator via detailed voucher.

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How long in advance do I have to book the service?

We recommend you to book the service at the same time as the air ticket.

The reservation request is accepted on our website or with an e-mail up to 254 hours beforethe flight, otherwise by phone at any time before the possible arrival/departure.

The shared shuttle service operates from June to September, from 8 AM to 8 PM, but in any case we are always at your disposal to find the most comfortable transfer at the cheapest rates.

Otherside this time slot the shared shuttle service is not guaranteed, but we’ll do our best to meet the custumers needs.

Can I use your service at the airport without reservation?

No you can’t, the service is carried out by reservation only and only afther the issuance of a voucher.


How can I find the driver at the airport?

You’ll have to wait the driver in the arrivals hall.

The driver will keep in sight a sing indicating out logo “SHARE – TO” San Vito Lo Capo.

In case you cannot locate it, call the telephone numbers indicated on the booking voucher.


How can I do if the flight is delayed? Will the driver wait for me?

It it necessary notify us promptly of the delay, ONLY BY PHONE at the number indicate on the voucher.

The transfer will be scheduled with the first shered shuttle available after your arrival.


How long do Ihave to wait at the airport?

At the booking time you’ll know at what time your shuttle is schedued to San Vito Lo Capo.

  • We reserve the shuttle service up to maximum of 60 minutes afteryour arrival. You’ll not have to wait.

About shuttle services from San Vito Lo Capo to Palermo and Trapani airports the departure time is expected up to a maximum of 3 hours before the flight.


faq arrivare a san vito lo capo

Do I have enter the arrival/departure time flight taking account time zone difference?

You’ll have enter the times as they are shown on the airline tickets, without making any changes.

The picking up times are automatically calculated and will be confirmed on the booknig voucher.


How can I request information?

If, once the booking is complete, you’ll need further information or explanation about the rates applied, you can send an e-mail to info@share-to.it or call one of the telephone numbers shown on the voucher.


How much luggage can I bring on board?

An hand luggage and an hold luggage for free.

Additional luggage: subject to space availability, each passengermay bring a second additional hold luggage (80X50X30).

A second additional hold luggage costs € 5,00 and must be declared at the booking request time and is confermed by the operators at the time of confirmation.

Special luggage: about luggage that is larger than the ones required for hold luggare, an extra chargeof € 10,00 must be paid.

Examples of special luggage are bicycles, diving or golf equipment andand must be declared at the booking time.

Luggage whose sum of the three sides(width, lenght and height) exceed 240 cm and 30 kg wheight are excluded.


Does the stroller have an addictional cost?

The presence of the stroller should be comunicated at the booking time, we envite you to read our luggage policy, if it is not included in the number allowed is considered additional luggage at a cost of € 5.00.


Is there any discounted rate for babies and chidren?

No, unfortunately we have to cherge the same rate to all passenger categories, regardless af age.

It is necessary to indicate if there are minors and their age in the reservation request.


How will our children travel?

About the safe children transport ask for a baby’s chair when booking without costs. Children must have a double seat belt fastened for the entire duration of the journey.


Can I bring a pet on board?

For security reasons, pets are not allowed on board in a shared shuttle sevicees, with the exception of guide and assistence dogs disabled people, but only upon presentation of a specific medical certificate. Guide andassistence dogs for disabled people travel for free, upon registration.

Small pets are allowed in the exclusive transfer service stated a the time of booking request, the pets must travel in the appropriate personal cages under your own responsability.

The transfer must be confirmed in the reservation.

There is no transport service four accompanied animals.


Is it possible to eat and drink on the vehicle?

It is forbidden to consume food and sodas or alcholic drink during the journey, only small bottlest of water are admitted.


How long is the transfer?

For both shuttle and private service the route is direct: 1 hour 15 minute long from Apt. Palermo to San Vito Lo Capo and 1 hour from Apt. Trapani to San Vito Lo Capo.

Estimated times do not shall take into account extraordinary events and situation not dependent on drivers.

Does the driver take us directly yo our ccommodation?

Our customers are always dropped and picked up directly in the accommodation or as close as possible in caso of closed routes, events or demostrastion.


What is the difference between the shared shuttle and the exclusive transfer?

The shared shuttle service operates from 1st of June to September the 30th and allowsyou to travel comfortably while saving money. Shared shuttle means sharing a journey with other passenger travelingto the same destinationin the same time frame. The exclusive transfer service operates all year-round, the customer decide time table and destination having the exclusive of the vehicle, there are nowaiting times. the services must always be carried out by appointment.


I would like to cancel my reservation. How can I do?


  • within 48 hours of arrival/departure send an e-mail to info@share-to.it;
  • less than 48 hours call one of the telephnr numbers shown on the voucher.


I would like to book a transfer for today/tonight, but the system will not allow me. How can I do?

We accept bookings by e-mail only up to 24 hours before arrival.

You can contact us by phone at any time before arrival/departure.

Is it necessary to confirm the reservation after receving a confermation e-mail?

It is not necessary to confirm the reservation if you have already received an e-mail with the booking code. It is not even necessary to have to reconfirm the retourn journey unless iti s required by us.


I would like to send comments and thanks about the service. How can I do?

We are always very greatful to our customers when they send feedback on their experience and we appreciate if you’ll send us useful suggestions to improve our service.

It is always pleasant receive positive comments, share them with other travelers on TripAdvisor!